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·          American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Las Vagas                         Feb.       2009

·          British Hip Society Annual Meeting, Manchester                                              Feb.       2009

·          Glen Cove US, Wrightington, East Sussex, DOH exchange UK          March  2009

·          St George’s Revision Hip Course, London                                                            April      2009

·          Health Service Journal Meeting Transforming Services, London         April      2009

·          Welsh Orthopaedic Society Meeting, Anglesey, N. Wales                         May       2009

·          Glen Cove US, Wrightington, East Sussex, DOH exchange US          May       2009

·          Orthopaedic International Collaborative Network, Oswestry UK         May       2009

·          Interdisciplinary Assessment of Knee Arthritis,  Garstang, UK              May       2009

·          EFFORT Vienna, Austria                                                                                                     June       2009

·          Indian Orthopaedic Society, Llandudno, N. Wales                                          June       2009

·          BOA Council & Scottish Orthopaedic Surgeons, Edinburgh                    June       2009

·          13th International Biolox Ceramic Symposium Meeting                               Sept.      2009

·          British Orthopaedic Association, Manchester UK                                             Sept.     2009

·          German Orthopaedic Association, Berlin, Germany                                       Oct.        2009

·          Cypriote Orthopaedic Association, Cyprus                                                             Nov.      2009

·          Indian Orthopaedic Association                                                                                       Nov.      2009

·          3rd. Annual Conference of UK Medical Students, Liverpool                    Dec.       2009

·          British Hip Society Annual Meeting Sheffield UK                                            Feb.       2010

·          American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, New Orleans USA     March  2010

·          European Federation of Orthopaedics and Trauma, Madrid, Spain    May       2010

·          Irish Orthopaedic Association, Killarney Co Kerry, Ireland                      June       2010

·          SICOT Gotenberg Sweden                                                                                                 Sept.      2010

·          Combined English Speaking World Orthopaedic Meeting Glasgow    Sept.      2010

·          Australian Orthopaedic Association, Adelaide, NSW, Australia             Oct.       2010

·          New Zealand Orthopaedic Association, Presidential Meeting                  Oct.        2010

·          Health Solutions Orthopaedics Short Stay Warwickshire                            Nov.     2010

·          Indian Orthopaedic Association Meeting, Jaipur, India                                 Dec.       2010

·          Clinical Response to Downturn, NHS Confederation, London              Dec.       2010

·          40th British Orthopaedic Association Instructional Course                         Jan.        2011


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·          American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery, San Diego                             Feb.       2011

·          Arthritis Research UK Meeting Manchester                                                          March  2011

·          Low Friction Society Meeting, Wrightington                                                        May       2011

·          Charnley Centenary Meeting, Wrightington                                                          May       2011

·          Oswestry Research Day, Oswestry                                                                              May       2011

·          Scottish Orthopaedic and Trauma Annual Meeting, Dumblane             May       2011

·          EFFORT Copenhagen, Denmark                                                                                  June       2011

·          British Association Physicians of Indian Origin, Birmingham                  June       2011

·          British Orthopaedic Trainee Association, Cheshire                                          June      2011

·          Metal on Metal Hip Replacement Conference, Liverpool                           June       2011

·          Summit on Training &Education, College of Surgeons Edinburgh      June       2011

·          All Party Group Medical Technologies UK Parliament, London          June       2011

·          American Orthopaedic Association, Boston                                                           June       2011

·          Canadian Orthopaedic Association, St Johns Newfoundland                   July        2011

·          South African Orthopaedic Association                                                                    Aug.       2011

·          Combined British and Irish Orthopaedic Association, Dublin                  Sept.      2011

·          ARMA Clinical Networks Workshop, CSP, London                                     Sept.      2011

·          Introduction of New Implants, MHRA, London                                                Nov.     2011

·          Mending the Patient with hip Fracture: NICEly does it, London          Nov.     2011

·          Chinese Orthopaedic Association, Beijing, China                                              Dec.       2011

·          Asia Pacific Arthroplasty Association, China                                                        Dec.       2011

·          Leeds University Joint Replacement enhancing safety & reliability    Jan.        2012

·          Association of British Healthcare Industries, London                                    Jan.        2012

·          SCOT Annual Meeting Scottish T&O Association Creif, Scotland     Jan.        2012

·          American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, San Francisco                Feb.       2012

·          Japanese Arthroplasty Association, Okinawa, Japan                                       Feb.       2012

·          British Hip Society, Manchester                                                                                     Feb.       2012

·          British Orthopaedic Association, Manchester                                                       Sept.      2012

·          Argentinean Orthopaedic Association, Buenos Aries                                      Nov.      2012




Academic and Research Back Ground



I have a Basic medical degree University of Manchester (1981) with a degree in Mathematics and Computing from the Open University (1988). Because of the fact that mathematics is the basis of all modern science and that computing is an essential part of most research my Open University degree has provided a useful foundation enhancing my research and has also provided an insight into an alternative model of distance teaching




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